Organic Lapidary Process

In its studies conducted on the gemstone, the South Australian Government’s Department of Primary Industry and Resources SA concluded that because of its unique natural characteristics, Andamooka Opalstone could not be polished to a high standard using the traditional polishing techniques applied to other opal types. A unique and high quality polishing technique was needed.

Opalworld Andamooka Australia Pty Ltd undertook extensive research and development in order to identify a premium polishing technique able to work within these special constraints. The company established a controlled environment facility in Shanghai, China in order to achieve this ambition.

After substantial time, effort and cost, Opalworld derived its unique, proprietary and secret cutting and polishing technique for the gemstone – the Opalworld Organic Lapidary Process.

Opalworld’s Organic Lapidary Process ensures that the gemstone demonstrates substantially less propensity to craze and provides a superior high quality finish designed to meet the stringent requirements of the finest international gem markets.




 December 1, 2000

“Opalised sandstone processing has now reached a high standard of polish and Opalworld Andamooka Australia Pty Ltd has set up an initial cutting and polishing factory in China and are negotiating with several overseas companies to provide this unique Andamooka Opal Stone.”

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Jack Townsend

Jack Townsend, Senior Geologist/Gemmologist, PIRSA