Opalworld has invested heavily in its own research, and has benefited from the expertise of professionals and consultants in the Government and private sector. As part of our development, we look for opportunities to share and promote the hard won knowledge of gemstones we have gained.

In pursuit of this goal, at the 59th Annual Federal Conference of the Gemmological Association of Australia in Sri Lanka, Opalworld served as a sponsor of the scientific seminar “The Formation of Australian Opal.” This talk covered the geological setting and genesis of opal, as well as modern exploration, mining and production methods. Excerpts from this seminar can be found here.

At this same event, in addition to gemstone samples, Opalworld supplied educational materials and mulitimedia presentations as part of our educational commitment to the gemstone industry and the public in general.

Among the handful of locations whose surface still bears the mineralogical evidence of the Archean era, Australia has at different times throughout history been a part of all the major super continents. This has endowed Australia with perhaps the richest geological legacy available. To us, this perspective is important for understanding the opal’s story and what it embodies, at a physical level and more. We are proud to be a part of this legacy, and to support those who deepen our knowledge of it.